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Backlink Checker: The Ultimate SEO Tool

A backlink checker is the best tool for checking backlinks, the inbound links pointing to your website from other sites. If you’re looking to boost your search engine rankings, you can use this tool to see what types of backlinks your competitors have. You can also use this to see how well you’re doing with regards to the number of incoming links on your site compared to other similar websites, as well as where your competitors are getting their backlinks from. This tool will help you with link analysis, which will help you boost your rankings over time.

What is Backlink Checking?
Backlinks are a major ranking factor, and they're also an important contributor to your online reputation. You should always know where you stand with them, because a sudden drop in backlinks could cause your rankings to plummet. If you want to run a complete backlink check, look no further than Backlink Checker, a quick-and-easy way to get all of your links checked for free. Just enter any URL into Backlink Checker and we'll show you how many total links exist on that page along with anchor text percentages and links from other domains. It's completely free, so try it out!

Why should you use a backlink checker?
Backlinks are a critical part of SEO. Search engines often look at where your website is getting its backlinks from, and use them as a key ranking signal. If you want to get found by Google (and other search engines), then you need to build high-quality backlinks to your website. A good SEO tool will help you check out where your links are coming from, how strong they are, and who else is linking to you. Backlink checkers allow for quick, easy analysis of link data across thousands of sites—and can serve as an early warning system for potentially bad links that might be hurting your site’s performance in search results. These kinds of tools are indispensable for any serious marketer looking to improve their organic search traffic and performance.

Most important metrics in link analysis
When evaluating backlinks, look at anchor text and domain metrics. Anchor text should be descriptive of your target keyword so you can figure out what kinds of people are linking to you. Links from domains with a high DA and PA are going to help drive your SEO efforts more than links from low quality, spammy sites. Tools like Ahrefs, Majestic SEO and Open Site Explorer allow you to explore backlinks in much greater detail (though it’s always a good idea to take those numbers with a grain of salt).

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