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Domain into IP Tool - Check Any Domain's IP Address Instantly

You may have heard of the Domain into IP Tool before, and perhaps you’ve wondered what it does or how it works. The short answer is that this tool allows you to convert any domain name into its corresponding IP address. This information can be useful for several reasons, including helping to check whether or not an IP address has been blacklisted in any way and also as an easy way to access blocked websites from behind a firewall or router.

Why Do I Need This?
It is really easy to find a domain name for your business, and not so easy to find it’s true IP address. The Domain Into IP tool allows you to do just that without knowing any technical details about DNS lookups or how an internet domain works in general. Now you can easily tell if your current domain name is taken, what subdomain would work best with your site and quickly check your online competitors’ domains – as well as all other public domains on the internet – for their true hosting locations. Whether you are looking for a new website name or trying to create a custom email address, enter any word here and see what belongs at that spot on the web. As long as it’s available!

How To Use This Tool
The Domain to IP tool will do everything for you. Simply insert a domain name in to search bar and hit enter. In a matter of seconds, it'll show you its public or private IP address. It works on both http:// and https:// domains, as well as subdomains as well! All there is left for you to do is copy & paste. It could not be easier! Also, if your favorite domain has been blocked by Facebook, Twitter or YouTube then simply replace www with non-www in URL and hit enter again. If it still doesn't work, try using a different browser (e.g.: Firefox instead of Chrome). You can also use our Domain Port Scanner & Proxy Tools if you need advanced features.

So What Can You Do With The Info?
There are many reasons you would need to see an IP address. For example, if your hosting company says they can't transfer a site to you because of a parked domain. You'll want to be able to confirm that what they say is true and in some cases it can be more complex than that. There are other possibilities like making sure there is no fraud going on or ensuring that your family members aren't abusing your internet connection.

Bonus Tips
When you make your purchase of a domain, keep in mind that having a great URL is important. However, when you buy a domain, it should be functional at all times. There are many free DNS tools that provide users with all of their DNS functionality (such as name servers). You can also purchase customized software to run on your computer that allows you to type in any URL and have it return its associated IP address. This is useful for seeing if webpages load correctly before deciding whether or not to buy an available domain name. No more waiting on search engines to update; use these handy tools today! What kind of high-quality tool would miss something like that? We think our competition definitely does... and we'll let you be the judge!

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