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Get Source Code of Webpage

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Get the Source Code of Any Webpage with This Simple Tool

If you’re working on a website and need to get the source code of another site, or want to check out how it was done, this tool will help you get the job done quickly and easily. Just enter the URL of the site that you want to see the source code of, and click Download Source Code to get it in just a few seconds!

Why do you need it?
If you are a content creator, you may often need to analyze what is being published on other webpages to get ideas or better understand your competitors. The Get Source Code of Webpage tool makes it easy to do just that by providing you with an instant snapshot that allows you to browse a webpage’s source code. With this free tool, you can quickly and easily understand what drives traffic to a website and then create similar content for your own business or website. Best of all, it takes just one click!

How to use it
Type in a URL, then select Get source code. The tool will copy and paste your target site's source code into your browser window, then save it as a text file. Now you can search through it using your favorite text editor to find strings of text that contain keywords you're trying to rank for. You can also use some SEO tools, such as SEOBook's HTML Source Tools or Moz's Page Analyzer, which allow you to search pages for specific keywords.

Who can benefit from it?
It's hard to believe, but there are still plenty of people out there who don't know that you can get source code from a webpage. There's no need to explain how useful source code is for search engine optimization and overall web development; it just is. Having it at your fingertips allows you to quickly and easily see what tools and services they're using on their site, so you can replicate their success or learn from their mistakes.

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