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5 Benefits of Using a URL Encoder / Decoder Tool

If you work in SEO, chances are you’ve heard of URL encoding or URL decoding (or both). It’s one of those black magic skills that good SEO specialists are supposed to possess, and it can be incredibly helpful for tracking your site’s link juice – but it can also be incredibly confusing if you’re not familiar with the techniques involved. Fortunately, there are some really great tools out there that will help you navigate this black magic and track your links with ease. Here are five of the benefits of using these tools!

1) Increases Transparency
When someone copies and pastes URLs from one place to another, they typically don’t preserve special characters like question marks or exclamation points. A URL encoder/decoder tool allows you to easily see how these special characters will look when copied and pasted, which is helpful for transparency and SEO.

2) Improves Readability
URLs that are long and have many words can be very difficult to read. This can impact search engine rankings and user experience. By using an URL encoder / decoder tool, you can keep URLs short, clean, and easy to read for your users.

3) Eliminates Manual Error
If you’re manually typing out URLs, it’s possible to make mistakes—missing a letter, spelling something wrong, and so on. These problems are eliminated by using an URL encoder / decoder tool. This will ensure that all URLs are typed out accurately.

4) Reduces Spam Requests
Every time you post a link to your site on social media or in an email, you run a small risk that someone will take advantage of it. Whether they want to use your content without permission or they just want to trick people into clicking on ads, these links present potential problems. A URL encoder/decoder tool makes it easy for you to tell if there’s an issue. If anyone else has used your links for illegal reasons, you can get rid of them quickly and easily.

5) Prevents Phishing
One of the most important things an online marketer can do is protect his or her customers from hackers. By using a URL encoder, you can make sure your URLs are safe from thieves. Hackers will oftentimes try to re-direct users by changing letters in URLs, but by using an encoder you can make sure these attempts don’t work.

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