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Extensive Backlink Analysis Tool

Analyze the backlinks of your website hands down with SEO SpyGlass
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In-depth backlink evaluation and management with SEO SpyGlass

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The most comprehensive backlinks data

Use SEO SpyGlass to gather the backlinks of your website from different sources in one place:

  • Internal SEO SpyGlass Database
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Search Console
  • Backlink data from a CSV file (to import backlinks data from any other tool)
How to: Launch SEO SpyGlass and start creating your project. Insert your website URL in the URL field, and check the Enable expert options box in the the lower right-hand corner, then click Next.
Check the boxes opposite to preferred backlink sources. You may choose any or all of them.
Total backlink profile quality assessment

Analyze all your website backlinks from different angles to get the clearest picture of your backlink profile quality:

  • Check the backlink progress over time
  • Compare linking pages to linking domains
  • Compare dofollow links to nofollow
  • Find out all your backlink anchors
  • See all your linked pages
How to: Open your project, go to Backlink Profile and choose the desired option. To understand the quality of your backlinks, pay attention to InLink Rank and Domain InLink Rank factors.
Competitors' backlinks
Compare your backlink profile to your competitors'. Discover quality sites linking to your competitors but not to you to find possibly good backlink prospects.
How to: In your project go to Domain Comparison and fill in your competitors' URLs in the given fields. Then choose Link Intersection option.
Potentially dangerous backlinks detection
Some backlinks may do more harm than good. Detect backlinks from low-quality or spammy websites to improve your profile health.
How to: In your project go to Backlink Profile and choose Penalty Risk option. Pay attention to red indicators in Penalty Risk column.
Harmful links clean up
Gather all low-quality links to disavow just in one click.
How to: In your project go to Backlink Profile and choose Penalty Risk option. Sort backlinks by Penalty Risk factor, select the links you'd like to disavow, right-click the selection, and choose Disavow domains.
Time to analyze backlinks of your website and brush up your backlink profile