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How to Use the Blacklist Lookup Tool to Boost Your SEO

If you’re an entrepreneur who relies on the Internet to attract clients and promote your business, you know how important it is to keep your website free of spam and trash links that may cause your search engine rankings to drop. But in order to keep your site clean, you need to know what kind of links are causing trouble in the first place – and that’s where the blacklist lookup tool comes in! Here’s how to use this handy tool to boost your search engine optimization (SEO) in three easy steps.

What is a blacklisted domain?
All new websites on search engines get a clean slate. However, you may find yourself getting banned after your website gets too many spammy links, being hacked or using blackhat tactics. Search engines periodically review their rankings and websites that no longer meet their quality guidelines are placed on a blacklist. While it’s not possible to know if your site is blacklisted, there are tools available to help you find out if your site is on Google’s blacklist so you can take action before it’s too late. The main thing you want from your blacklist lookup tool is accurate information about whether or not your site has been added to Google’s blacklist.

The reason you need to know about blacklisted domains
There are several reasons why a site could end up on a blacklist, and knowing how to spot these sites can help you better understand how Google operates. For example, if an unsafe website begins offering products or services that compete with yours, it may land on a blacklist and may be penalized in search rankings. If a website is hosting bad links—for example, advertising for websites that violate Google's content policy—it could land on a blacklist as well. The blacklist lookup tool allows you to see which domains have been blacklisted in these two instances so you can ensure your efforts stay off their radar.

What are the best reasons to use this tool?
The Google blacklist is used by webmasters and businesses across a wide range of industries, so if you think that you or your clients may be affected by something on it, it's worth investigating. If you have been a victim of manual action against your site, then we suggest using our blacklist lookup tool before removing links. This will tell you if there are any incoming links that need removing as a result of Google's action.

Is there anything I should know before using this tool?
Yes, there are two things. The first is that it’s primarily designed for use with sites in English. If you’re running a site in a different language, check out our list of SEO tools geared towards specific languages. Second, before using any of these tools, we recommend checking if your website is already on Google’s blacklist using our homepage checker tool.

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