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Reverse IP Domain Checker tool - The ultimate SEO tool

Want to know whether the domain name you want to register is available? Or are you thinking of purchasing the website of your competitor and want to check the possibilities? A reverse IP domain checker tool can be very helpful in these situations! As a blogger I found this tool very useful and now I'm sharing it with you so that it can help you as well. Here's how it works... Keep reading to learn more about how to use the Reverse IP Domain Checker tool yourself!

Why you need a reverse IP domain checker
Everyone knows that your website’s traffic plays a crucial role in its success. However, many business owners tend to focus on improving traffic at its most visible stages – right after they start getting visitors and during conversion attempts. In reality, you also need to improve your website’s traffic generation at every other stage of your conversion funnel. If you want to see steady results across all stages of your conversion funnel, make sure you identify visitor sources and track down how they ended up on your website. With a Reverse IP Domain Checker Tool (like IPRepCheck) you can find valuable insights about new visitors which can then be used for further conversions optimizations.

How do I use it?
If you’re having trouble with your website, it’s important to figure out why. One common error is getting flagged by Google or other search engines. A reverse IP domain check will help you figure out if your server is operating correctly. Run a reverse IP check on any domains that are experiencing issues. If they are not resolving properly, there could be an issue with your DNS records or hosting provider. To learn more about how to use our free IP address lookup service, read: How to Fix a Broken Website for more information about using a reverse DNS lookup in your business

What are reverse IP domains?
A reverse IP domain check is an easy way to identify a particular website’s content. Typically, a search engine will pull up various sites using a specific URL, but often times it will also show another website with identical content, just with a different domain name. A domain name is your basic identifier on the web, helping users navigate from one site to another. Reverse IP domains let you search for websites that might be copying or imitating another’s original content.

What is the relationship between reverse domains and SEO?
If you have a website that is based on a series of domains, it is critical to ensure that your backlinks pass through them in order for search engines to index them correctly. The Reverse IP Domain Checker tool does just that by allowing you to enter an IP address and return several other domains that link back to it. This action can help boost your website’s rank in Google, as long as your backlinks are relevant and useful.

Reverse IP Domain Checker - SEO Tool