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Super-SEO Tools - The Plagiarism Checker Tool

It can be easy to plagiarize when doing your own writing, whether it’s something in a personal or professional capacity. Sometimes you might accidentally include someone else’s work in yours; other times you might do it intentionally just to save time and effort. Either way, it’s important to always double-check that your writing isn’t plagiarized in any way, which is where our Plagiarism Checker Tool comes in handy. Here are some key features of this tool

What is plagiarism?
Plagiarism is copying someone else’s work, intentionally or not, and passing it off as your own. When you plagiarize, you often get caught.

Why Use A Plagiarism Checker Tool?
Have you ever used a plagiarism checker tool? You should. It can be a great way to ensure that your SEO articles are free of any words that aren’t yours. Here at Super-SEO Tools, we use several tools that help us write our content and keep it original. Here are some tips on using a tool like ours to make sure your articles never get flagged for plagiarism

How to Use This Free Online Plagiarism Checker Tool
First, copy/paste your text into our online checker tool. This is important to make sure that you’re running an accurate check. Sometimes search engines will change or format your words without you realizing it, which means your plagiarism check might show different results than expected. This is especially true if you’re checking a large block of text, such as a book or academic paper.

When a check for plagiarism is requested, it takes about 2 seconds for one of our engine to perform a search within all indexed web pages. That's billions of web pages! If you are worried that your content has been stolen from another source and published on another website, we can help you with that. You can submit any text or URL and we will give you an answer in less than 2 seconds. Our system checks whether your content has been copied from somewhere else or not (plagiarism). We do not store any information about submitted URLs or texts in our database and do not send them anywhere else without your permission.

What are Google’s penalties for plagiarism?
Google’s penalty for plagiarism is pretty much as bad as it gets. If you get caught copying content, your website will be removed from Google’s index and you won’t be able to appear in search results at all. There isn’t a way to recover from that—and no second chances. In fact, if you try to cheat Google with copied content, you might lose all of your ranking power completely!

What are the copyright laws in different countries around the world?
Copyright laws vary from country to country. In some countries, like Germany and France, Internet Service Providers are held responsible for any copyright infringements that occur on their networks. This includes not only content hosted by users, but also links to external websites.

Super SEO Tools is not only good for finding out if your content was copied from somewhere else, but also for checking your own work to make sure that you’re giving credit where it’s due.

The Plagiarism Checker Tool by Super-SEO Tools