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The Best Word Counter tool for SEO: Supercharge Your Content Writing!

Writing great content can be the difference between making your readers go meh and totally selling them on your products or services. That’s why you need to make sure that everything you write passes the 30-second test — can you explain everything about your business in just 30 seconds? If not, you need to rewrite it! You don’t have to do all the work yourself, though; this Word Counter tool will supercharge your writing by helping you identify which words and phrases are essential to making your point, while cutting down on less important phrases. Super easy and helpful, right?

What is word counter and why should you use it?
While there are lots of tools on Internet that can help you with checking word count, there is no super Word counter tool like ours. How to explain? If you use online Word counter, it just counts words and gives statistics. That’s all. But if you have a look at our Super Word counter you will see it’s much more than just a typical word counter software.

How to Use the Online Word Counter Tool
With so many bloggers and content writers out there, it’s always a good idea to have access to a free word counter tool. This powerful resource will help you pinpoint any areas of improvement in your writing that you may have missed before. Word count is also important when publishing content on social media, particularly Twitter and Facebook.

9 Ways To Use A Word Counter In Real Life

1. Write more readable content. - Word counter tools can show you exactly how many words you used per sentence and even where your most frequently used words are, allowing you to inject life into your written word with a natural flow of varying length sentences. 2. A/B test a title or subject line. - Use a word counter to see which subject lines from an email campaign convert at a higher rate and then narrow down on that area of your copywriting skills when creating future campaigns.. 3. See if your headlines meet word count requirements. - Do you want to write for HuffPo? Make sure your headline doesn’t exceed 15 words or else it won’t be published. 4. See if there are any words in a piece of writing that just don’t belong there. - Word counters will tell you if certain words are overused throughout your text and help you cut out unnecessary words from your writing. 5. Improve search engine optimization (SEO). - Search engines like Google love long-form content, so make sure yours is well-written by using a word counter to ensure every word is necessary before publishing. 6. Keep track of all those pesky numbers. - Word counters let you know what percentage of your words are numbers, helping you keep track of statistics and data. 7. Find synonyms for repeated words. - If you’re ever stuck trying to find another word to use instead of one that keeps popping up too often in your writing, use a word counter to give yourself some inspiration! 8. Perfect pitch counts. - Word counters also provide you with pitches per word, letting you know whether your average word length meets industry standards. 9. Play Mad Libs. - Word counter tools come in handy when playing fun games like Mad Libs because they provide a set number of words needed for each prompt, making it easy to fill them out quickly and effortlessly.

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