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About Keyword Position Checker

Keyword Position Checker (KPC) can give you an excellent idea of how well your SEO strategy is working – whether you are doing SEO yourself or hiring an SEO company to do it on your behalf. KPC will show you the number of times your chosen keyword has been searched within the last 30 days as well as the position that keyword has held in Google over the same period of time. The KPC data comes directly from Google, so it’s the most reliable and up-to-date data available.

What is a keyword position checker?
A keyword position checker is a tool that allows you to monitor your website’s ranking for specific keywords. When it comes to SEO, all you really need to know is that if someone searches for something using a search engine and your site pops up on page one, then you can assume those visitors will click through to your site (and hopefully become long-term customers). Keywords are important because they help people discover your business or product.

How does it help with organic search traffic?
Google wants to know that your site will be an asset to their search results. In order to do so, they use a variety of metrics and tools to determine how trustworthy a website is. Using Keyword Position Checker, you can increase your chances of getting into Google’s top search results by giving them evidence of your legitimacy as a webmaster.

How does it work?
Keyword Position Checker is a free online tool for checking keyword ranking positions. Simply enter in a list of keywords, and it will return their average position on Google and Yahoo. Keywords are updated every few hours from Google's search results, so you can quickly check changes in your competition. Results are returned as an easy-to-read table showing where each keyword ranks on all three search engines. You can even select any combination of search engines to include or exclude.

Tips for using the tool
Start by picking a keyword that you want to rank for. From there, you can either enter it into Keyword Position Checker (which will give you an idea of how competitive your keywords are) or use its suggested keywords. Enter those into Google and see which ones are showing up in top 10 search results; then, based on those rankings, decide which keywords to target. Use Keyword Position Checker to discover new keyword opportunities that could drive traffic to your site and increase your search engine ranking in Google.

Keyword Position Checker: The Best SEO Tool