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Meta Tags Analyzer - What is it?

You’ve heard it before and you’ll hear it again: SEO isn’t just about keywords, links, and on-page elements – it’s also about your website structure and the meta tags in your code. The Meta Tags Analyzer tool from Yoast helps you understand all of the pieces of meta information that are currently on your site, so you can see what you might be missing or where there might be room for improvement. Let’s take a look at what this tool has to offer!

A META TAG DESCRIPTION is not something that you edit within WordPress. Instead, you'll need to access your WordPress site via FTP or cPanel to make changes. To do so, login to your site and locate one of these files: /wp-content/themes/SITE_NAME/header.php (most themes), /wp-content/themes/SITE_NAME/functions.php (older themes), or at the root level of your site (/wp-content/tags). Copy and paste over any code that exists in these files with new descriptive text.

The META TAGS ANALYZER offers many benefits in helping you understand how search engines see your web pages. The following information can be very useful in achieving better SERP rankings and leads to more traffic: An understanding of meta tags, such as page titles, Meta Descriptions and Meta Keywords used for Google Webmaster tools, Yahoo/Bing and other search engines. See EXACTLY how Google displays your site’s Title & Description to search users.

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