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SEO Tool: Link Price Calculator tool

While link building is an essential part of Search Engine Optimization, there’s one component that many people tend to forget about: calculating the price of links. The Link Price Calculator tool from SEOmoz will help you with this, by taking into account the anchor text and PageRank of the site that you want to link to in order to determine the appropriate amount to pay. This tool can be extremely useful if you don’t have your own content that you can link to, or if you want to confirm that you’re getting a fair deal on your backlinks before buying them from an external source.

What is the Link Price Calculator
The Link Price Calculator estimates how much it will cost to build links to your website. It bases its calculation on a number of factors including your targeted keywords, average costs per click (CPC) and competition level. This can help you decide if it’s worth investing in link building and just how much effort is required. After all, every link costs money—you need to know whether that investment is worthwhile before starting a campaign.

How do you use it?
The Link Price Calculator tool, a new SEO-related application from SearchMetrics, will give you insights into how to establish your link acquisition and link management strategies. This can be used in any niche! If you’re an advertiser in a certain industry (or a competitor of one), you can use it to estimate your competition’s advertising budget. If you run a news site or are just starting out in media, you can use it to discover competitors’ paid ad campaigns as well as organic sources for more funding. The possibilities are limitless. The Link Price Calculator allows you to search keyword data by country and language on Google, Yahoo!, Bing, Facebook, YouTube and Amazon – all at once.

How can this help my business?
This search engine optimization (SEO) tool can help you determine how valuable a link to your website is. Use it to calculate how much another website owner would charge for a link on their site. This SEO tool uses an algorithm based on keyword density, clickthrough rate and age of domain, among other factors. You simply enter in your URL, select a relevant keyword and click search. This SEO tool will then find all sites that have that same keyword in its anchor text and show you their price ranges.

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