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Website SEO audit report: check and report your site SEO health

Best SEO tools for website audit and landing page optimization:
  • Simple website audit and on-page optimization reports
  • Customizable templates with drag-n-drop editor
  • Responsive design to look fabulous on any device
  • White label to create branded reports
  • Save or email HTML or PDF reports to business clients
  • Schedule regular checks of your site SEO performance
Wondering why your website is losing rankings in Google? Run a free website audit and get on-page optimization advice with the most comprehensive SEO reporting tool — packed with all data you need. Enjoy the tool's easy navigation, use templates and drag-n-drop editor to create custom reports. Create branded reports with a responsive design that makes them look nice on any device. Set task automation to control your site SEO health in between. Your clients will be impressed!
Ready to experiment? Launch the Website Auditor and give it a try!

Site Audit Report: report all SEO and technical on-site issues

The Website Auditor's SEO checker is a great marketing tool to monitor and report site performance. Get your free website audit to measure the domain authority, traffic, load speed metrics, usability, and many more essential SEO factors. The Website Auditor's SEO tools will enable you to investigate your site search visibility and performance like a pro. Correct the issues and see your website gain more traffic and improve sales and conversions.

The SEO reporting tool offers ready-made reporting templates to follow the most popular SEO audit checklist. To create a Site Audit report, simply switch to the Reports module using the left side menu. Here, you can choose one of the three ready-made templates for your SEO audit report — Site Audit (Summary), Site Audit (Details), and Domain Strength.

Site audit report

What's inside

HTTP response problems, validation errors, broken links, poor redirects, duplicate meta tags, huge JavaScript, too many external links, a failed mobile-friendly test, and other on-site problems that are hurting your clients' rankings… All this important data is here — in one place, easy to comprehend and put into action. Just fix the errors and improve your website performance!

The Summary report shows all on-site issues at a glance, while the Details report covers errors and warnings, a thorough list of related technical SEO issues, and an explanation of the importance of the related SEO factor. Saves lots of time when talking to your clients. It is convenient to send a summary of a site-wide checkup for a start. Then, show a detailed comprehensive follow-up SEO report on the discovered issues and the fixes. Indeed, a must-have for SEO marketing and lead generation!

And if you would like to include some off-page factors, to provide your customers with deeper data, you can totally do that as well! Just hit next to widgets like External domain factors, Indexing in search engines, Backlink factors, Social media popularity, and Traffic to your website and create a report with an in-depth analysis of the website SEO health.

Customizable templates for site audit reports

Page Optimization Report: all page stats & simple optimization tips in one place

Whether you're running a free website audit for a client prospect, or looking to impress long-time customers with a perfectly optimized landing page, you're in the right place — check out the WebSite Auditor's Page Optimization reports.

For a Page Optimization report, switch to the Content Analysis module and pick Reports. Here, you will find three types of ready-made report templates of an on-page SEO report: Page Audit (Summary), Page Audit (Details), and a special TF-IDF report for content optimization.

General and detailed page audit reports

What's inside

The SEO audit templates include all aspects of content and HTML optimization of any of your pages. They show the page's content optimization rate, technical issues spotted on the page, details on keyword usage by best-ranking competitors, and very specific optimization tips related to the keywords and the page in general. The audit tool offers tips on how to optimize your meta tags, anchors, and alt texts on images, based on the competitive research of your top-ranking competitors in Google SERPs.

Simple editor to create a custom report from scratch.

If you're after some DIY, you can build an SEO audit template to your liking or edit the ready-made ones by hitting the Edit button.

To create a customized report, add a blank template, give it a title, and compile your own reporting template. Select the widgets that you want to add to the new report template. Then, edit the widgets, picking the required factors.

Create your own site audit report

Add, remove, rearrange blocks with the drag-n-drop editor, and edit widgets as much as you like — until you've built your perfect SEO report! The WebSite Auditor lets you easily modify and localize your on-page reports, and even paint them a different color.

Choose the color scheme for site audit reports

Try the SEO audit tool free today!

Enjoy SEO Powersuite free or go for a weekly enterprise trial with all features included.

Save, print or email SEO reports to business clients

The free edition contains the results of your website audit inside the tool, so this is most suitable to improve the SEO health of your own site. For advanced users, there are possibilities to share their data with others in PDF and HTML formats.

The Website Auditor's Professional edition lets you generate PDF SEO reports. The Enterprise edition adds even more value. It will be possible to save an HTML or PDF report to your computer with a Quick Save button or send it straight to your clients by email or shared URL. This is especially helpful for an SEO agency seeking to improve customer satisfaction and provide high-quality white label SEO service.

Hit the Publish button, choose the publishing option, adjust the required settings — and in a few moments, you will get your reports right in there. You don't even need to open your email box — the tool functions as an email client.

Share site audit reports by sending a URL

White label SEO reports for clients

Add your company name and logo to give your reports a branded look. Fill out your company information under Preferences > Global Preferences > Company Profile. And add information about your customer per project under Preferences > Project Preferences > Customer Profile.

Add company logo to site audit reports

Further, you can insert these company credits in the Header and Footer of your website audit reports. Just select to edit the template and the respective widgets, and add what you need. Note, the feature is supported in the Enterprise edition only.

Add the company information for your SEO customer

Automated SEO reporting tool

Track your websites' SEO health in a professional way. Set regular automated reporting for contiguous workflow, adapted to your clients' needs. Get the SEO tools to run weekly or monthly website analysis and share reports with your clients automatically, while you keep yourself busy with more complicated tasks.

All you've got to do is schedule the task, choose how you'd want to deliver the SEO reports and how often — once, daily, weekly, or monthly. And enjoy the reports delivered to your customers automatically, fast and easy!

Send automated site audit reports

Alerts from the SEO checker

Likewise, you can define conditions for automated SEO crawls to receive alerts in case some anomalies happen. Add a task and set the condition which triggers the alert. Select Update page data to see if there are some rises or sharp drops in backlinks, organic search, social mentions. That's a great SEO health reporting tool to monitor your website SEO performance even when you are not at your desktop.

Get alerts if on-site errors occur

Most helpful marketing feature for SEO agencies

With the custom reports in all 4 SEO PowerSuite tools, the Enterprise toolkit becomes a truly one-stop business solution for an SEO agency and professionals — and an incredibly cost-effective one! Try it free today and update as you go. Enjoy the power of your SEO reports — and get ready for clients queuing up for your services!

Leave reporting to automatic SEO checkers.

Build spotless SEO reports super-fast — get the best value for money with SEO PowerSuite!
Get a report preview from samples here!
Page Audit (Summary)
Site Audit (Details)
Page Usability
Domain Strength


What is a website audit report?

A website audit report is an overview of all technical errors on a website, including on-page and off-site SEO factors. Typically, site audits cover crawlability issues (duplicate URLs, broken links, bad redirects), on-page SEO factors (unoptimized titles, meta descriptions, page speed issues, mobile friendliness) as well as off-site signals (unnatural backlinks, security, penalties from Google).

What is a website audit tool?

A website audit tool is a special program to check the SEO health of a website. Auditing software discovers on-site and on-page SEO errors, such as duplicates, broken links, HTML tags, faulty redirects, etc. There are tools that specialize in one particular issue, like Mobile-Friendly Test from Google. Whereas comprehensive tools like WebSite Auditor cover all aspects of website audit that you need to make your website perform well in search.

How do I generate a website audit report?

WebSite Auditor lets you generate PDF and HTML SEO reports. First, go through all fields to add or remove the dimensions and metrics you want to include in the report. Then choose whether you want to save the SEO report to your computer or share it with your clients directly. To deliver the report by email, hit Publish, specify your company information, the sender's name, email address, and credentials. Then add the recipient's address, and proceed with sending the email. You can add a white label to generate branded SEO reports. And the best part, you can set up generating and sending site audit reports in an automated workflow.

How do you analyze SEO?

WebSite Auditor's SEO crawler checks all on-site and off-page issues the same way as Google bot does. Just launch the software and paste the URL of your site to start the check-up. The site audit tool will discover duplicate URLs, analyze meta tags, find uncrawlable JavaScript, detect page loading issues, and tons more. The tool audits individual pages for some important SEO metrics, including Core Web Vitals and page optimization score. And for advanced users, there are custom settings to restrict your crawl to find only some specific issues.