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YouTube Rank Tracker Tool to Check Your Video Ranks

  • Check YouTube video rankings
  • Track video features on Google
  • Research competitors on YouTube SERPs
  • Choose profitable video keywords
  • Get SEO reports on your video ranking progress

Boost your YouTube videos with the help of SEO

Video content is incredibly big at the moment. People search for videos to have fun and educate, work and shop. So, nearly any business can benefit from running an informative and creative YouTube channel. The good news is SEO PowerSuite's Rank Tracker doubles as a YouTube rank tracking tool!

A bit of SEO with the consideration of the YouTube ranking factors will help your videos rank higher both on the YouTube SERP and on Google. This is how you make YouTube suggest your content in searches to the right users.

How to track YouTube video keywords

What you get from the YouTube Rank Checker

The first thing you need to be doing for YouTube SEO is to make sure that the keywords you're putting into your descriptions and tags are just right. The correct optimization steps taken on your awesome content are the biggest thing that you can do to improve your video rankings.

How to create a new project for your video keywords

Check your YouTube rankings

First and foremost, the YouTube rank checker lets you find out your current rankings on the YouTube SERP. Paste the URL of your video to create a project, set it up to track the exact video URL, and add YouTube as your preferred search engine. In a few moments, you will discover your top-ranking keywords and positions on the YouTube result page.

Check your video rankings on Google

For your videos to be successful, though, you need to go beyond doing YouTube SEO alone. You must also ensure that your content appears in video results in the organic Google SERP.
So, add Google as one of your preferred engines in Project Preferences > Preferred Search Engines. With that done, the YouTube rank checker will show if your content appears as a suggested video in Google.
How to Select YouTube as your preferred search engine
How to Check the rankings of your YouTube channel

Track your video rankings change over time

Monitoring your YouTube video rankings on a regular SERP is done in a couple of clicks. Enable recording SERP history at the bottom of the workspace. The YouTube rank checker will record SERP positions with the next keyword rankings checkup. You'll be able to monitor how the rankings of your videos change on the YouTube SERP and correct your content strategy accordingly.

Track local video rankings

On top of that, you get the powerful local rank checker to add Google Mobile, any local version of Google, or any other search engine imaginable. Add your custom search engine and define the exact location. Then click the Check Rankings button for the added search engine, and get the true local SERP, with all the video packs and YouTube pages listed there.
Find what content appears in Google video results for your keywords
How to Create a YouTube video keywords ranking report

Check your competitors' ranking videos

The YouTube rank checker will show all ranking videos for the keyword on the YouTube SERP. You'll be able to check your competitors' rankings and see what keywords get them clicks. The YouTube rank tracker allows you to poach their keywords for yourself and win more clicks to your own YouTube videos as a result.

Find video keywords for YouTube

Adding a long-tail keyword to a Youtube video description or tag will surely give them a ranking boost. A popular tool to discover video keywords is YouTube's free autocomplete feature. But it only gives you 10 suggestions for each keyword, which is simply inconvenient.
The YouTube tracker wouldn't be complete without the in-built keyword research tool. In our Rank Tracker, you can access the free Autocomplete tools to get much more extensive keyword ideas. Select YouTube in the autocomplete dropdown menu, add the target keyword, and hit Search. The keyword generator will bring you hundreds of long-tail keywords to optimize your videos with.
Monitor your YouTube competitors
Find ranking keywords of your videos

Rank your videos by choosing the right keywords

A regular search audit gives much more than keyword rankings alone. There is also a whole slew of information, from the number of searches, expected visits, and keyword difficulty to PPC costs and click-through rates.
SEO stats like search volume and keyword difficulty will help you identify the perfect keywords to put in your video title, description, and metadata. Check the SEO and PPC data, pick the most promising keywords, and track how your keyword rankings improve.

Track visibility progress over time

You can see the visibility and ranking progress throughout the defined time (from one month to all-time). These ranking reports will show your team or customers the ranking success of your YouTube content in any search engine you're working on.
Research more YouTube video keywords
Research more YouTube video keywords

Compile a YouTube video ranking report

After a series of check-ups, you can get a nice YouTube rankings report that will be easy to overview and share. Go to the Reports section of Rank Tracker and switch to the Keyword Rankings (grouped by SE) custom report. By default, the report shows keyword rankings split by search engines, including the custom search engine for YouTube.

Set up automated YouTube ranking checks and alerts

Moreover, you can run automated ranking checks and get regular updates on the positions of your YouTube pages. You can even get alerts if your tracked video enters or drops out of the top 10 (or top 30 or 50, if you wish). Mind that scheduling an automated check-up is available in the Professional editions of the YouTube Rank Checker. And the delivery of automated SEO reports and alerts can be set up in the Enterprise version.
Research more YouTube video keywords

Advanced tips on how to use the YouTube Rank Checker

Check the ranking of your YouTube videos on Google.
Add the URL of your video to create a project, with expert options disabled. In the rank tracking, you will see some top keywords that the Rank Tracker spots as top-ranking keywords for your videos.
Create a new youtube rank tracking project
Check the ranking of a separate video on YouTube.
Creating your project, enable the expert options. Add YouTube as your preferred search engine, and enter the top keywords for which you expect your YouTube video to rank. Then click the Check Rankings button and select to check YouTube rankings only.
Add YouTube as your preferred search engines
Track videos from your entire YouTube channel.
In the same project, you can add all your videos to track alongside your main URL. In the Project Preferences, add the Alternative URLs. Mind that in the Rank Checking Mode, you need to enable Multiple results tracking. This way you can track not only your current URL but also alternative URLs that rank for your video keywords.
Track your youtube channel rankings
Check the ranking pages from the Google video results.
The website ranking tool shows the exact SERP history with all its rich features, such as video results or thumbnails. You can hover on the URL and click to follow the link to check what the ranking page is about. You can also unwrap multiple results with video packs and click through to any video result on the SERP.
Competitors rank checking on youtube

Grow your YouTube video rankings effectively

YouTube is considered the second largest search engine in the world. That is why optimizing video content for YouTube should be on the list of priorities for any digital marketer. YouTube search is in fact quite easy to optimize for! And with the help of SEO PowerSuite's tracking tools, you will be one step ahead of the competition.

YouTube ranking factors to focus on:

Watch time
User engagement
Channel growth
Audience retention
Social sharing, comments, and new subscribers mean a lot to promoting your YouTube channel. But if you want to make it big, implement your YouTube SEO strategy consistently. Just like with the more traditional search engines, there are ways to optimize for YouTube.

YouTube SEO checklist and optimization techniques:

Keywords in your video title
Captivating thumbnail
Keywords in the video description
Added closed captions
Optimized video tags
Added timestamps
Amplify the power of YouTube's native analytics with insights from the rank tracker software. See exactly how well you are ranking for some queries. Track your video content performance and growth. You will undoubtedly yield significantly better results for you and your entire business.