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Local Rank Tracker Tool

Check accurate rankings in local search and on Google Maps
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Local Rank Tracker
Track rankings for exact locations
Check local SERP features
Measure search visibility for your local keywords

How to check accurate local SEO rankings?

Local search results are highly specific…

Searcher's proximity to the place of business is an important ranking factor: people from two different cities get completely different results.

For location-based queries, a specific Local Pack block shows up with three relevant local businesses and a link to the Google Maps view.

Checking local search results in Rank Tracker
…So, how do you know if your site ranks well in your target country or city?
Checking Local Pack and Google maps rankings
Local Rank Tracker tool instantly checks all site's ranks

Work with local rankings quickly and easily: instead of checking each query by hand, start the app and let it collect all the local search information in a couple of minutes.

You will see your organic positions, Local Pack, and other rich results that appear for the target queries.

Try the most comprehensive local Rank Tracker
Check local positions for desktop/mobile in Google, Yahoo, Bing, and more

Select the search engine where you would like to track your site ranks: any localized version of Google, Google Mobile, Bing, Bing Mobile, Yahoo, Yahoo Mobile, Baidu, and over 500 others.

Local SERP checking in Google, Bing, Yahoo, and any other search engine
Tracking Google Maps ranking
Track Google Maps rankings

You can pick Maps as a separate search engine and track your rankings there. See the details, the visualization graph of how your local rankings change, and who appears on the map next to you.

Track geo-specific rankings in multiple locations

Companies selling their product or service in many towns, digital marketing agencies with clients all around the world – they all need to check geo-specific rankings in many different locations at a time

And that's exactly what the local rank checker allows you to do. Set up rank checking for multiple locations, and see exactly how you rank in different countries or cities.

Rank checking in multiple geo locations
Finding your local organic competitors and their keywords
Find out your top local keywords

Instantly reveal your or your competitors' top-ranking keywords.

See what URLs rank well in local organic search and show up in SERP features.

Spot the top-traffic pages, and find opportunities for your local SEO strategy.

Monitor your local competitors

Get to know your local business landscape, and you will have a competitive edge.

See who you compete with in Google Local Pack and on the maps.

Keep an eye on competitors' ranks along with your own to see how effective their SEO strategies are.

Scheduled tasks for regular rank tracking of local SERPs
Localized rank tracking reports
Set up your local Rank Tracker with full automation

With the software's automation features, you can easily monitor your local rankings automatically. Receive regular reports about your rankings change right to your email box.

Get alerts once your page drops out from search results, gets in top 10, or whatever you want to track.

Set up an automated task to run the checkup on autopilot daily, weekly, monthly, or at your preferred schedule. No more things to bother!

Powerful local Rank Tracker without limits

With the Enterprise edition, you will be able to track, analyze, and report on your local rankings' progress — all in one SEO tool.

You will keep your ranking history and track competitors in the same project. And the best part, all this is without any limits on the number of keywords or projects.

Unlimited Local Rank Tracker
White-label reports for SEO agencies to deliver local rank tracking
Local Rank Tracker with white-label SEO reports

Enjoy customizable reports to deliver results on local search ranking progress to your boss or client. 

Use 8 predefined templates for building your custom company reports. 

Move widgets around, adjust color schemes, brand your reports with company and customer logos, and do that with the drag-and-drop editor to instantly see the difference!

Find out if your local SEO strategy is working

With tons of fantastic time-saving SEO tools, the platform is everything you need for quick and accurate SEO rank tracking. Make the most of its powerful features!
Unlimited rank tracking
Unlimited rank tracking
Track unlimited number of sites and keywords in any of the 550+ supported search engines. See how your site is performing both on  desktop and mobile, in real time, exactly when you need it most.
Keyword grouping for local SEO
Keyword grouping for local SEO
The grouping tool helps to manage keywords in groups, assign them to landing pages, and track positions for whole groups.
20+ powerful keyword research methods
20+ powerful keyword research methods
Pull hundreds of new ideas from in-depth keyword research with the widest selection of advanced keyword suggestion mechanisms. Optimize content for your Google Business profile and drive convertible traffic.
Comparing ranks with ANY date in the past
Comparing ranks with ANY date in the past
Choose to compare your current ranking positions with the best or worst, previous or the first ever result. Or even set a custom date for comparison.
Checking if the right local pages rank in organic search
Checking if the right local pages rank in organic search
Associate specific landing pages with keywords in the mapping tool and get notified when the wrong page shows up in the organic results.
Data analysis to predict efficiency
Data analysis to predict efficiency
Associate specific landing pages with keywords in the mapping tool and get notified when the wrong page shows up in the organic results.
Tracking Google local SERP features
Tracking Google local SERP features
The rank checker will help you examine 15 specialized types of rich results: images, videos, news, local packs, featured snippets, and more.
Search visibility for your target keywords
Search visibility for your target keywords
Get to know your share of the online market. The rank checker will calculate the online visibility of a website for one or several keywords in specific locations.
Integration with Google tools for SEO and PPC campaign
Integration with Google tools for SEO and PPC campaign
Get data on search volume, organic traffic, bounce rates, and other metrics directly from your Google Ads and Analytics accounts.
Start tracking keyword rankings
with Local Rank Tracker!

More than a position checker tool. See yourself! Type in your email and get the link to download the local checker.

Available for:

SEO PowerSuite Tip: How do you track local rankings?

Go to Project Preferences and press the Add More Search Engines button next to Google, Yahoo, Bing, or any other local search engine you need.

step 1

Go to Project Preferences and press the Add More Search Engines button next to Google, Yahoo, Bing, or any other local search engine you need.

Setting up the Preferred search engine in certain locations
Defining the geolocation for the rank checking mode
step 2

Press the Add custom button next to your target search engine and define the location filter, entering your region, city, and even street.

step 3

Add the geo-location that you've just specified to your active columns by clicking Add visible columns in the top right corner.

Customize columns to add all your local search engines to be visible in the workspace
Hit the Check rankings button to start the ranking check
step 4

Click Update rankings, and when your checkup is over, you will see how your website ranks in local search.

step 5

To track search results for multiple locations, repeat the same process for all your other locations.

Run ranking checks in all newly added localized search engines


What is a local SERP?

This is a specified type of search results that shows up for a query based on the searcher's location. Local SERPs often contain the local 3-pack at the top and the most relevant results on the map.

How do I check SEO rankings locally?

Here is how: go to your project's Preferences > Preferred Search Engines. There, for every new place, you can click the Add Custom button, and you'll be able to fill out your address precisely. From then on, you'll see your accurate local rankings for your target keywords for the exact location you need.

Can I track local rankings of my competitors?

Sure! To track your competitors' local ranking, you simply need to add a competitor in Preferences > Competitors. From now on, in your Rank Tracking module, you'll be able to add a column and see how well your competitor ranks locally.

Is your local Rank Tracker free?

Yes, the software has a free version. You'll have an unlimited number of projects and keywords you can track and research. That said, you will only be able to track one competitor per project. Head to the pricing page to compare different editions.

Is Rank Tracker's data accurate?

The tool's mechanism guarantees accurate local rankings data for any location. This tool passes the exact GPS coordinates of your custom geo-location with each query. That's very similar to what happens when you use the location emulation feature in Google Chrome.

How long does it take to rank locally?

According to SEO experts, it takes from one to three months to rank in local search after you have done all your adjustments relevant to local SEO. However, it depends on the niche, competition, and quality of your content, so analyze keyword data first.