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Core Web Vitals audit and reporting for site owners and agencies.

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One-click Core Web Vitals check for all your pages

Putting hundreds of pages through Google's PageSpeed Insights one by one is a pain. Now there's a tool to automatically check and combine the crucial Core Web Vitals data for your website in one place.
Website audit summary
In-depth analysis table
Page-level audit
Client reporting
See how many pages fail to pass the Core Web Vitals assessment, how many of them have a poor Performance Score, and how many of them have different page speed issue to fix.
Dive deeper into page speed audit - sort your pages by any column, filter out only the needed ones. Analyze potential savings. Export your data to a spreadsheet.
Get an in-depth report on any particular page. All the data from PageSpeed Insights is here for you in an easy-to-navigate workspace.
Have the Core Web Vitals data automatically added to your client reports.

Try WebSite Auditor for free
Group pages by optimization scores, Core Web Vitals assessment results, or potential speed savings.
Focus on the most problematic areas
Quickly identify which of your pages do not pass the Core Web Vitals assessment yet.
Spot pages with the biggest optimization gains
Evaluate which pages require the fewest fixes to see the biggest improvement.
Pass the tasks to your web developers, with all the needed data and clear instructions.
Get a list of pages that need revision
Copy and paste or export the list of pages with any particular issue you're planning to fix now.
Pinpoint the exact elements to be fixed
WebSite Auditor will list the exact images to resize, the exact JavaScripts to minify, and so on.
Communicate the needed fixes and the potential improvements to your clients/stakeholders.
Report on the current Core Web Vitals analysis results
Show why page experience is to be taken care of before it's added to Google's ranking algorithm.
Pinpoint the exact issues to fix and the potential gains to see.
Don't let them take your word for it. Let the data speak for itself.
What's Core Web Vitals and why should you care?
Google is planning to roll out its Page Experience update in mid June. Starting for this moment, the ranking algorithm is supposed to include three new ranking factors:
No one knows for sure, what effect on the rankings the update will have. And even though the update is supposed to roll out gradually and shouldn't be a drastic one, website owners worldwide try to make sure their websites pass the Core Web Vitals assessment.
How can you check your site for Core Web Vitals?
For an individual URL, you can use Google's PageSpeed Insights. The report will show you if this particular page of your website passes the assessment and what issues likely prevent it from passing.
However, checking building the report for hundreds of website pages manually will take ages.

Alternatively, you can see a sample of pages within Google Search Console (GSC):
But this report is only good as a website health summary.
To help you run the complete audit and get all the needed Core Web Vitals data for every page and all in one place, we've introduced the Core Web Vitals audit in WebSite Auditor.
How to start using the new feature?
To start using the feature, make sure to download the freshest version of WebSite Auditor from the website.
After that, you will need to get the PageSpeed Insights API key (it is absolutely free and lets you check up to 25,000 pages a day) and connect it to WebSite Auditor.
Here are some useful resources on getting started:

The Fastest Way to Audit and Optimize Core Web Vitals for your website

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